The ultrasonic Emmi-dent E2 Platinum attachment contains a special, worldwide-patented Piezo-Chip. This is contained within the attachment head and generates the 100% Original Emmi-dent Ultrasound.

15,90 €
Emmi-dent E2 Platinum - Vaihtoharjat

Emmi-dent E2 Platinum - Vaihtoharjat

The Emmi-dent E2 Platinum ultrasonic attachment head has 4 contact pins in its base, to connect to the Emmi-dental Platinum hand-piece. This new feature prevents tilting when being inserted and so the ultrasonic attachment is easier to put on and take off.

It is important that you change the ultrasonic attachment after 3 months of use and no later. After this time, the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves will diminish and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene can no longer be guaranteed.

Content: 2 Ultrasonic Attachments.

Please note that the Emmi-dent E2 Platinum attachment can only be used with the Emmi-dental Platinum. It is unsuitable to be used with any other Emmi-dental model.

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